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Rhodes is the island of the god Sun , that hosted one of the seven wonders of antiquity, Colossus, with ancient history, evidenced by three ancient towns, medieval aura and contemporary vitality. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and the fourth largest island in Greece.

It is a blessed place with sunshine almost 360 days a year, full of beautiful beaches, historical attractions and mountains full of trees. Rhodes offers to every visitor beautiful images, strong emotions and unforgettable experiences.
In the picturesque and traditional village Paradisi during  the Middle Ages there used to be "heaven" gardens which gave their  name to the village.

At the base of the hill, where the old village Villanova used to be, a fort was built by Grand Master Villeneuve so he gave his name to the village.

In village Paradisi is the island's international airport which welcomes tourists from all countries of the world.
Apart from the the city and nearby beaches in Rhodes ,Ancient Kamiros with significant archaeological finds, as it is one of the three ancient cities of the island is worth visiting. You can visit the ancient city, which is a unique monument that will surprise you with the technology of ancient Greece and  especially the water / sewerage system.

The beaches on this side of the island are mostly solitary, desolate and unspoilt  by culture / tourism.

Kamiros Scala is a small village of fishermen and fishing port near Ancient Kamiros.

If you want to travel to Chalki, passenger ferries during the summer season depart from Kameiros  Scala. Also it is worth visiting the Valley of the Butterflies, Lindos, one of the most popular destinations on the island and lalysos, the favourite beach of wind surfers. Do not miss Prassonisi, a beach with exotic colors and crystal clear sea.
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